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Casey Kasem Loses It During Top 40 Show

Casey Kasem Loses It During Top 40 Show

Kasem is coming out of Dare Me by the Pointer Sisters, which peaked at number 11 on the Top 40 chart when he misses the transition to a death dedication for Snuggles from Cincinnati, Ohio. But Kasem had it easy in 1985, compared to this 1988 TV broadcast. I’d pick the dedication over this sweater any […]

School Field Trip

School bus at sex club

Things were different in the old days. Gas was cheap. Sex ed rocked, even for the kids on the short bus.

Infographic: Understanding Female Orgasm

female orgasm infographic icon

Click for details and more info. (Via.)

How To Survive A Flood of Fat People: Toss a Burger King Noah’s Ark Burger The Other Direction

burger king - noah's ark sandwich - two of every patty

It’s one thing to walk into Burger King and order a burger with one of every kind of patty they make, it’s an entirely different thing to eat it. Or get video of it, for that matter. Big Josh is apparently a man who takes on those entirely different things. Here’s what’s on it: 2 […]

Video: Trains vs. Nature

Video: Trains vs. Nature

Would you believe it? Not long after I post this series of derailed train photos, somebody forwards these videos of trains struggling with the weather. Only one of the videos shows a train derailing, but they’re both amazing.